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RSSArchive for October, 2011


Out of Communication for a Bit

I was one of the fortunate folks to have been hit by the recent early winter storm. As a result, I’m in the dark. Our generator pull string decided to give up the ghost so we’re really in the dark. No power, no Internet, no hot water…life is good! I’m thankful for our  gym membership […]


Maximizing My Blogs

As part of tidying up my first online writing phase and transitioning into my second phase, I have to clean up many of my blogs. In addition to consolidating my online properties, I need to clean and maximize the properties I have remaining. First let me say there is no scientific way to go about […]

Too Much Coffee

Something Different this Morning

I know, my last post mentioned that this post would be about maximizing blogs, but I got side tracked (this happens when I have too much coffee). I decided to try something a little different this morning. (I was pacing a little too much when I recorded this because I periodically walked out of range)

Old Technology

Blog Consolidation Process

As I mentioned before, these next few posts are brain dumps for me. I decided to consolidate all but 7 of my blogs. My goal is to complete the consolidation process in 30 days. The process goes something like this: Copy the post from the old blog Paste it into the new blog Copy and […]

Out of the Box Thinking

High Tech Brain Storming Tools

I wanted to share with you some of the high-tech tools I use when I have a brainstorming session. Since I am taking a new direction in my online writing, I find that brainstorming is something that I do almost on a daily basis. Once my path is set, I’ll brainstorm less often, but there’s […]

Under Construction

Heading in a New Direction

When I originally created No Job for Mom I created it as a brain dump. I knew that it would be one central place where I can jot down things that I’ve learned and not have to worry about where to find it later. These next few posts will be what I consider brain dumps. […]

The Panda Punch

Google’s Panda Part Duex.5

It’s my belief that Panda has a 1, 2 punch. The first part of the punch is obvious in the form of reduced traffic. As I’ve mentioned in my last post, my Tidbits and Stuff site was smacked by the Panda. Traffic dropped by about 40% (Panda’s first punch). Although Tidbits used to get a […]

Panda Strikes Again

The Panda Returns

You know something is up when you walk into a room and the kids suddenly get quiet and each of them has “that look” on their face. A mother’s gut knows something is up. Well, when I clicked on my statistics page for my page views, one of my sites had “that look” while the […]

Put on Blinders Part II

Put on Blinders Part II

Some time ago, in 2008,  I wrote a post about putting on blinders. In essence the post encourages readers to turn off the TV and all of its negativity and concentrate on goals. Well, after a brief glimpse of the TV this morning, I feel it’s necessary to write an update to that post. This […]

Suite 2011

Back to Suite

I recently made the decision to pick up where I left off at Suite 101. Things have changed quite a bit at Suite so I’m no longer the Insurance Feature Writer, but I have agreed to write at least one article a month to meet the Feature Writer requirement. Making the Decision After the Panda […]

Lipstick on a Pig

Lipstick on a Pig

Most of us start new sites/blogs because we have a passion for the subject matter. Well, let me re-phrase that. There are some sites we create because we’re passionate about the topic and other sites we create for the money. If the moneymaking sites don’t make money, I recommend getting rid of them because unless […]


I Thought So

Being the numbers junkie that I am, I keep close track of my earnings, and to a lesser degree my page views. I especially keep track of my Google earnings to get an indication if Panda is morphing into a kinder or meaner type of animal. According to my numbers, somewhere around September 22nd, things […]