Extreme Heat and the Freelance Writer

| July 22, 2011 | 13 Comments

Heat WaveThe longer I work as an online freelance writer the more perks I find. Many of us are living through a pretty intense heat wave right now. I’m probably one of the few people that is thoroughly enjoying it.

I’ve always had a preference for heat as opposed to cold. The only time the heat really bothered me was when I would sit shoulder to shoulder or stand nose to nose with my fellow commuters on IRT subway train. The goal was to show up at the office looking fresh and unaffected by the weather.

Things have Changed

Now my heat wave work attire is much less formal ranging from PJs to a bathing suit. When you don’t have the pressure of commuting and appearing fresh after being stalled in a subway tunnel for 30 minutes with no air conditioning, intense heat waves really aren’t so bad.Subway Train

When it comes to work and weather conditions, my biggest concerns are severe thunderstorms and power outages. Heck, even if a power outage does occur, there is always McDonald’s, the library or Barnes & Noble with their readily accessible Wi-Fi. Although, power outages have helped me to reconnect with my earlier writing tools, pen and paper.

Writing Tenacity

As writers we are fortunate in that there is very little to stop us from accomplishing what we set out to do. The true writing obstacles are self inflicted. They’re called burn out and writer’s block. Writing too much leads to burnout (especially if you’re not writing about something you enjoy) and forced writing causes writer’s block.

As long as we can keep ourselves out of our own way, no outside force can stop a freelance writer from writing. I love my job!

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Felicia A. Williams is a freelance writer and blogger. She spends the majority of her time with her family and writing. If she's not writing or commenting on NJFM, she's either outside smelling the roses or writing articles for one of her other sites.

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  1. Joni says:

    LOL…true. My daughter was upset at first until she realized she was able to redo her whole room with new furniture, new linens for the new QUEEN bed, new paint job, a closet remodel; and another plus, when we pulled up the carpet we found out we had hardwood floors! This was about 15 years ago when my kids still lived at home and were in high school so that summer they surprised me by pulling up all the old, tattered, different colored carpet all over the house and redid them. I miss them now….I’m an empty nester. Don’t get me started on that. LOL

  2. Joni says:

    HATE THE HEAT. But there are two different kinds. I’m in GA and our 100 degrees with the SUPER HIGH HUMIDITY feels like 110. But my son is in LA and the 100 degrees out there with the ocean breeze he lives close to is completely different. He compared mowing grass at home here in GA to mowing in LA….completely different experience. The poster that said 30 to 50 degrees…that sounds great. We don’t really have winter here in middle GA. I have to agree with Alexander. I don’t mind the rain but the tornados have taken out at least 10 of my pine trees. I didn’t mind that either until one of the trees tookout my roof and my daughter’s room. I like to have to wear a light sweater.
    My two cents.

    • Felicia says:

      Joni, the good thing about trees on roofs is that the insurance gets to pay for a new roof. I received a new roof, new wall paper, a paint job and new siding when a tree fell on our roof.

  3. kidgas says:

    I really don’t care much for heat. Just got back from Dallas where the mercury was over 100 every day. They are working on a month straight of triple digit days.

    Anyway, it’s good to be back home where the temps will be a little cooler. Now I can get back into a regular schedule and start writing again.

  4. Alexander Mark says:

    I am very much the opposite, give me 30 to 50 degree weather, lots and lots of rain all day and all night for months on end, and lightning and thunder and I will be happy happy happy.

    You’re spot on about being able to write wherever or whenever – something I’m finally starting to be able to do, but the heat makes me so friggin tired it really saps me of energy. Thankfully, I live in an air conditioned apartment 😀

    On a side note, I’m thinking of moving to Seattle or maybe even British Columbia. I looked at USA Today’s heat and weather map the other day, and it was a wonderful 65 in the Northwest while the rest of us roasted in the mid 90’s to low 100’s. Yech. I’m glad you are enjoying it though!

  5. Jen says:

    Girl, I have to tell you, this hits the nail on the head. I live in an area of Louisiana where we have had 21 straight days of 100+ degree weather – already this summer.

  6. My office is often very warm due to the fact that it is a “sun room.” Two walls are covered in windows, which I’ve had to cover during the heatwave.
    I’ve found my laptop tends to get hot, so I have a laptop fan underneath it to fend off the heatwave or else my wrists start to sizzle. 🙂

    • Felicia says:

      I hear ya, Alina. The one drawback with heat is that our computers don’t take too kindly to too much heat. I just bought a Netbook so I can work anywhere, but I find the Netbook gets hotter than my laptop.

  7. Thanks for a well-timed inspirational post. I’m writing a lot of boring stuff today, so I needed the reminder about burnout and forced writing.

    I appreciate your efforts and am always reading!

  8. Loretta says:

    Hello Felicia, you penned another enjoyable post. I especially liked your statement about writer’s burnout and writer’s block. Gosh, do I hate writer’s block, especially when I have the inspiration but the words just won’t come.

    On the temperature gage, I am at the opposite end — I do not like hot weather at all. Any temperature above 75 is too warm for me. Give me the coldest winter days, but without the snow and ice (I didn’t say that I am a glutton for cold weather punishment. LOL)

  9. I’m actually the opposite as far as weather – I love winter and the cold cool weather, but I hear you on the advantages of being a writer and being able to go out and enjoy the day and enjoy life in comfort instead of always being forced this way or that.

  10. Crystal says:

    We’re unseasonably cool over in my neck of the woods – not sure we’ve even hit triple digits yet down here at our river paradise and it’s nearly Aug! And today looks to be mild, as well. Not so good for warming the snow-melt for swimming or for growing tomatoes, but it sure is nice otherwise. As for stalling in a subway tunnel with no air conditioning? I can’t even imagine, never having been on a subway. But I have hiked a mile plus through thigh deep snow more than once to get to my car. Isn’t the diversity of experience in the online community great?

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