Oh My, Keep Feeding that Panda!

| May 24, 2011 | 23 Comments
Feed the Panda

Feed the Panda

I know I’ve said that my blogs have done pretty well since the Panda algorithm change, but yesterday was a nice surprise. I reached a milestone in that yesterday my Google AdSense earnings reached $50 in one day!

When Panda struck in the US on February 24th, my Google earnings in the month of February averaged $16.82 per day. On the 24th when the algorithm changed, my earnings spiked and hit $26.81 for the day (I’m investing in bamboo to keep that Panda well fed).

On to the Next

In March as my content farm residual earnings began to decline, my Google earnings continued to rise. It went from an average of $16.82 to $19.65. I was pleasantly surprised and enjoying every Google day of it. March was a double-edged sword though, because that’s when I was notified about the end of the eHow WCP payments.

Once notified about the WCP closure, I decided to create a few more blogs (or actually place content on a few dormant domains).

Almost Succumbed to Fear

Knowing that my residual earnings were taking a huge hit, I almost ran back to DMS. I wrote a few articles and realized it was a mistake. During this time, my Google earnings continued to climb to an average of $24.92 per day. Photo by: Zsuzsanna Kilian

Not only were my AdSense earnings increasing but my Infolinks and Chitika earnings were increasing too. Well, don’t get too impressed with Chitika because they went from $10 in February to $14 in April. Infolinks, on the other hand went from $99.92 in February to $159.37 in April. Not a huge increase, but an increase nonetheless.

I earned more with Infolinks than I did with Suite 101. With Infolinks all I had to do was add code to my sites, with Suite 101 I actively wrote 270 articles.

May Aint Too Shabby

Now, back to my $50 shocker. $50 in one day of Google AdSense revenue is a milestone for me. If the month were to end today, my daily average AdSense earnings across my several sites is just shy of $30 at $29.30. This is great news and deserves guarded celebration.

I say guarded because I really need to beef up my non-Google earning sources. When eHow disappeared, it took with it 50% of my earnings. I don’t want to go through that again, so I’m speeding up a few of my other money-making ideas so that if Google pulls the plug (or if we run out of bamboo), I won’t suffer another 50% income drop.

My story is not unique. Other bloggers are also seeing earning increases as a result of the algorithm change.  If you don’t have your own site, now is the time to start one.

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Felicia A. Williams is a freelance writer and blogger. She spends the majority of her time with her family and writing. If she's not writing or commenting on NJFM, she's either outside smelling the roses or writing articles for one of her other sites.

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  1. Grandma says:

    Set a deadline and do it!

    I’ve been bogged down but still also have a few more ebooks roaming around in my brain. Moving always messes me up, and now I have to do it again. The best thing about ebooks is that they just keep working for you on a residual basis. If one is good, two should be better, right? How much more incentive do we need than that?

    • Felicia says:

      I agree with you Grandma. I have a list of 14 ebooks that I want to write. Every time I start on one, other ideas pop into my mind so I add them to the list. In addition to the ebooks, I’m working on another idea that I’m hoping to have finished in September.

  2. Lucy says:

    I love reading your posts and thank you for sharing.

    Will you be writing an e-book/e-course as to exactly how you set up your blogs, keyword research, and linking techniques? I sure hope so!

    • Felicia says:

      I’ve got a few ebooks roaming around in my brain that I’m trying to get down on paper. Hopefully I’ll get something finished soon.

  3. Yah, I’m with you Angela. I wish I could figure out how to make my own blogs and sites that popular. Your’re doing great Felicia!

    • Felicia says:

      Alina, I’ve thrown a lot of blogs against the wall and some are sticking. I think it’s a mixture of a little bit of SEO and a whole lot of blog throwing.

  4. Amberr says:

    Felicia, I discovered your blog back in December, I believe, and I have greatly appreciated the information found here. Because of you, I know how to find a blog in the sandbox, how to enjoy smelling the roses and not to irritate a ravenous Panda! Thank you so much.

    • Felicia says:

      Amberr, I hope you never end up in the sandbox unless you’re playing in one with your adorable little girl. As for pandas, they can be fickle. 🙂

  5. Angela says:

    Congratulations! you went from $99.92 to $159.37 using Infolinks and you said “not a huge increase, but an increase nonetheless.” Man, I wish I could make $5.00 a month with AdSense/Infolinks/Chikita, but no luck so far. Keep up the good work. you’re an inspiration to me and you motive me to keep going, so keep those post coming…lol. Thanks Felicia!

  6. Hi Felicia,

    This is great information and very encouraging. I didn’t see the links to your other sites, unless I’m missing it. Can you share the links to your other sites with us? This will be very helpful as we all are in the process of revamping our strategy to recover 🙂

    Thanks much,
    Crystal Watts

    • Felicia says:

      Hi Crystal,

      I share my ideas, strategies, successes and failures. I share how much I make and my income sources. I also share my reasons for why I do some of the things I do. I believe in teaching people how to fish rather than giving them fish.

      That’s my long and drawn out way of saying I don’t share links to my various projects across the web. Crystal, I’m not so sure if you’ve spent much time here at NJFM, but I explain my philosophy in my Welcome to the Buffet post.

      Besides, I made a quick stop to your blog. It looks to me that you have what it takes to blaze your own path. 😉

      • Hi Felicia,

        Thanks for the update. I completely understand and thank you for the peep at my website and also for your thumbs up 🙂 I look forward to more learning.


        Crystal Watts

  7. That’s wonderful, Felicia! $50 from Adsense in one day is a great milestone. Still, I think you’re right to keep diversifying.

    Do you have affiliate links to quality products on these blogs? I’ve found that text links within the content have the highest conversion rates.

    • Felicia says:

      Yep. I’ve got affiliate links to quality products and also use both in line text links and product image links. I recently had a few affiliate sales from a “sort of related” product. After I looked at the contents of my blog I thought, “Hmmm, what product or service would a person who frequents a site on this subject be interested in?” I placed an almost related affiliate product or two in the right-hand column. I tried to get into the mind of my reader.

      I found it interesting that the affiliate product that was almost related to the subject matter has been an better seller than my in line affiliate links. Go figure. 🙂

  8. Amanda S says:

    This is all good news, as I’ve just started my first WordPress blog. Thanks for sharing your journey Felicia! 🙂

  9. Deanna says:

    I’m so happy to hear that your sites are doing so well. It is encouraging to those of us starting new sites and jumping into the Google Adsense pool. While my three sites are earning no where near what yours are, I am hoping they will get there sometime in the near future.

    • Felicia says:

      Deanna, keep in mind that I’ve got quite a few blogs on various topics. I think of blogs the same way as I think about my content mill article portfolio. You’ve got to throw a lot against the wall and eventually something will stick. 🙂

  10. Britt Machado says:


    Love this blog! You have confirmed my suspicions about the changing role of freelance writers in the new economy (the net). It is not about jobs!! As a writer today, you must forget about the old ways, own your own content, and work for yourself.

    Your sucess is an inspiration!


    • Felicia says:

      Britt, I’ll be looking through your blog for pointers on growing wheatgrass. My kids laughed at my less than plentiful harvest. I tried growing it from seeds and failed miserably.

  11. Bill Swan says:

    Without realizing it, and without really marketing sites where I’m signed up for Adsense, I earned my first $100 check from them come next month!

    And you bring up yet another insight to a well-worn point – don’t use only one source of income should a fatal issue occur (such as eHow stopping WCP or even Google change up again).

  12. kidgas says:

    As always thanks for the encouragement. I am seeing reports similar to what you are stating here. I think I will be taking some time over the long Memorial Day weekend to get my own financial type blog site going that uses a real host and WordPress. I am enjoying my work on optionsdude but think that a static type format is not the way to go. Time for me to branch out further. I have $90 in my paypal account from previous payments which should seed a blog or two.

    • Felicia says:

      Kidgas, I think that’s the way to go. Your subject matter and knowledge should make your blog a winner. There are some topics that do well even if they’re not on Google’s first page such as finance and technology. I think you’ll be happy that you branched out.

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