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| May 24, 2010

Working SolutionsApparently, some time ago I had applied to work for a company called Working Solutions. I can’t quite remember when I applied, but when I recently received an e-mail stating that I had been accepted and that I should set up an interview, I thought it was a scam.

Rather than delete the email, I went to the Working Solutions website and logged into my account (using the info given to me in the email). When I logged in I saw that it wasn’t a scam and that I had indeed applied quite some time ago.

My Gut Feeling about Working Solutions

It seems to be a legitimate company and would work well for someone willing to work in a call center or customer service capacity. According to their website, applicants can make anywhere from $7-$30 an hour as a customer service rep. You must have a functioning computer, a land telephone line and high-speed Internet access.

You can set your hours by letting Working Solutions know which hours and days you are available for work.

Customer Service RepAfter reviewing this opportunity, I’m surprised that I had applied. I must have applied when I first started my work at home venture (that gives you an idea as to how speedy their approval process is). Although I believe it’s a legitimate operation, it’s just not the type of job that I was looking for.

Open Opportunity

It sounds like a nice opportunity for anyone looking to earn extra cash from home and is willing to work as a customer service rep. According to my confirmation email I have two weeks in which to schedule my interview. If I don’t schedule it within that period of time they will assume that I’m not interested and will look for someone else. Who knows, if you’re truly interested in Working Solutions, maybe you can take my open slot.

I’d be interested in hearing from anyone who is working or has worked with Working Solutions.

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  1. DanaJ says:

    I have been working for Working Solutions since December 2011 and it is NOT a scam. I am disabled and I have worked for several work from home companies including West, and Convergys and I can tell you that Working Solutions is the BEST. Even though Convergys offers health insurance, etc, I hated it because the schedules they dictate are horrible. Working Solutions allows for your own schedule and the money is great.

    • MH says:

      I am disabled as well so then the fees they charge you for training are actually worth it?

  2. WS-2012 says:

    Just applied today. And I think it did not go so well with the final test.

  3. earleydeb says:

    I applied for Working Solutions on May 29, 2012 and got a call for the interview August 10, 2012, they said they would email me the results in 2 weeks. I told them I would get a landline if offered a job and the headsets, they said that would be fine.

    They test your computer before you can schedule the interview.

    • Ann says:

      Hi, just wondering if you heard back from them. I also did a phone interview today and was told I’d hear something in 2 weeks if there was a project available.

  4. Stacy says:

    I was wondering if anyone has taken the Sabre test for Working Solutions?
    And what I should expect?

    • WAHM says:

      I’ve taken it… It’s pretty self explanatory if you know the system, though it varies from person to person to prevent cheating. :)

  5. Hkelly says:

    I am getting ready to take the second part of the Working Solutions test and I was just wondering if anyone knew what I could expect on the phone test?

  6. Regina says:

    This won’t work for me, as I have ” wireless ” internet.

    • Brandi says:

      It doesn’t say anything about wireless. You can have a wireless-high speen internet connection.

  7. Saysay07 says:

    I feel like I did terrible on part 2 of the process. I had all the right things to say but was confused on how they wanted the first part to play out. Do you tell them what you would do or do you act as though you are speaking to the customer?? I think I did much better on the 2nd part but I’m nervous now cause it seems like a cool company to work for. Keep you posted! Wish me luck!

    • Brandi says:

      Did they ever contact you back? If so, are you or did you work for them and how is/was it?

      I am a single mother of 2 and new to the work at/from home scene. I am just doing lots of research and trying to find the absolute best fit for me and my kids at this point.

  8. Saysay07 says:

    Also, during the “test”, what types of things are asked? Thanks again!

  9. Saysay07 says:

    I was wondering if the phone test is actually live or if it is recorded before they invite you to an actual telephone. Thanks so much!