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| April 8, 2010

Please read the update at the bottom of this post.

I recently came across another freelance writing site called Factoidz. It’s an online revenue sharing site. It’s a relatively young site, but it seems to be growing rather nicely.  Here are a few of the stats:

Site Domain Name Registered: 7/5/2008
Current Page rank: 4
Current Alexa Rank: 27,921

Factoidz is unlike Bukisa or Associated Content does not automatically approve new writer applications. Similar to Suite 101, you have to apply, provide writing samples and select areas of expertise. You are not pigeon holed into writing articles strictly in your areas of expertise. It’s just Factoidz’ way of getting a general idea of the type of content to expect.

After submitting an application, it takes a few days for the Factoidz staff to review and approve your application.

Writer Levels at Factoidz

Upon acceptance writers carry the title “Factoidz Writer.” Initially all articles are reviewed by the Factoidz staff prior to publication. Over time, the editors review each writer’s body of work and some writers are promoted to Staff Writer. Staff Writers enjoy the benefits of having their articles automatically published (no need for editor approval) and a bio at the end of each article which can include one link. To be considered for a Staff Level position you must have a minimum of 20 published articles.

How to Make Money at Factoidz

Writers make money on a combination of page views, ad revenue and article popularity. As with any online content writing site, the more legitimate traffic the articles get, the more money you make. Although Factoidz does not set a minimum article count requirement like Suite 101 or Examiner does, we all know by now that the more you write, the more you earn.

Factoidz also has a referral program. The way it works is that the referrer will receive $10 for each referred writer that reaches the Staff Writer level upgrade (of course the links I place here are referral links so if you sign up I’ll get credit).

How and When Factoidz Pays

Payment is made towards the end of the month via PayPal. When I signed up to become a writer, I was not asked for a social security number, so I would assume that this opportunity is open to international writers also.

My Initial Opinion of Factoidz

I have yet to write an article for Factoidz but I was impressed with the professionalism of their application process and the layout of the writer’s dashboard. Factoidz has moved up a notch on my “To Do” list. Will it replace the eHow void? I don’t know, but I think I’m going to have fun trying to find out.

Post Update 1/26/2011:

There has been much debate and controversy on this blog regarding Factoidz.  Personally, I wrote one article for Factoidz, but have not written any since.  There is a 6-month deactivation stipulation with Factoidz.  If you fail to write anything for 6 months your writer status is downgraded to Member status.  Along with the downgrade go your earnings.

Since my ultimate goal is to spend less time on the internet (not more time writing), I’ve decided not to write for Factoidz.  Please take the time to read both sides of the story when it comes to writing for Factoidz and draw your own conclusion.

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