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| April 23, 2009 | 6 Comments

Recently it became necessary for me to purchase a new laptop. I went to the Dell Outlet to purchase a refurbished machine. I never purchase new laptops or computers.

To me, purchasing a brand new laptop or computer is like purchasing a brand new car. Why spend the extra money for the latest and greatest when in 15 minutes it will no longer be the latest and greatest? Not only that, purchasing a refurbished laptop from Dell means that it’s already configured and ready to ship. I received the new machine in 3 days.

Working with the New Toy

My old refurbished laptop is 5 years old. It served me very well and paid for itself many times over, but I think it’s time to move on. Working on the new system is almost like moving into a newly built, well designed office. It’s sleek, sexy and efficient. I almost felt the need to shower and dress prior to starting my work day this morning rather than starting my work day in my jammies (I thought better of it, however).[smartads]

Feeling My Way Around

While the laptop is working just fine, I find the problem I’m having is that my software doesn’t like Windows Vista and visa versa. Unfortunately, I’ve been spending more time configuring, purchasing or creating work arounds for my software rather than actually getting work done. Every time I think I’ve got everything running just fine, another software program begins to act funky.

All Part of the Work at Home GigSoftware Configuration Problems

Since I can’t place a call to my Tech Support staff to fix my computer software issues, I guess I’ve got to take the time to get things running right. Realizing that computer stuff is part of the work at home thing, I have to look at it as a necessary (although unpleasant) part of the work day.

The good thing about it is that my computer challenges and victories are a breeding ground for article topics. After all, what better way to come up with something to write about than to actually experience it? There’s always a silver lining for every cloud.

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  1. I had never considered purchasing a used computer, though I’m a big believe in buying used cars. So thanks for giving me something to think about for the next time I’m in the market.

    And I appreciate that you’re able to take something negative (software configuration problems – which I couldn’t even begin to deal with on my own) and turn it into something positive (writing article and educating others by using your experience)!


  2. Heather says:

    When I got my Vista machine, I had the same problem. The worst one for me was the fact that Illustrator was no longer compatible. I really was not happy about shelling out the money for the upgrade to that one. Hopefully none of your software problems will be as expensive.

    • Felicia says:

      Heather, I feel your pain.

      I use Paint Shop Pro, and initially it didn’t work. However, after much research I discovered the Vista Compatibility Wizard (which is a part of the Vista operating system) and was able to get it to work without having to purchase new software.

      I’m spending way too much time learning way too much about Vista.

  3. Julie M says:

    I am about to by a new laptop myself. After a poll on Twitter and asking friends, I decided to go with a Mac. More money, but everyone says it is worth it. I will let you know what happens after I buy! As much time as I am the thing, I figured I better love and it better be good.

    • Felicia says:

      I agree that Macs are the best way to go. Unfortunately, with a child about to start college, I’ve got to watch my pennies.

      Maybe when my kids are all done with college I’ll be able to enjoy a Mac. 😀

  4. Sher says:

    Hi Felicia,
    Sorry that you’re having the configuration trouble, but you certainly put a good spin on it!!! I love your positive attitude!!!!

    Good luck with your computer and config!!

    Have a great day,
    Sher :0)

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