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Prevention – An Online Writing Opportunity for Women

As usual, I’m always looking for new freelance writing opportunities (It’s the Sniff and Scurry in me). Here’s one that is pretty interesting for women ages 18 and over who are interested in health and wellness.

Prevention.com, the online counterpart to Prevention Magazine, is a community dedicated to health and wellness for women. They’re looking for freelance writers to provide content for compensation. According to their website writers can earn up to $100 per month.
In essence, it looks like they want freelance writers to maintain a blog within their community. I’m not sure how the payment works, but I’m thinking it depends on popularity and page views.

The Good and Not So Good

The upside to it is that Prevention is a well-respected magazine and as a freelance writer, having your work published on their site should work for you. The downside (in my opinion) is the $100 per month limitation. While $100 a month is better than a stick in the eye, I prefer not to apply for online writing gigs that have a financial ceiling.

It’s been my experience that the longer my work remains on the Internet, the more traffic it gets and the more income it earns. The $100 cap means that when the articles are good and seasoned and really ready to begin earning quite a few bucks, my earnings are capped at $100 per month.

This opportunity is good for folks looking to be published on the Internet through a reputable company, but in the long run, this freelance writing opportunity is financially limiting.

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About the author: Felicia A. Williams is a freelance writer and blogger. She spends the majority of her time with her family and writing. If she’s not writing or commenting on NJFM, she’s either outside smelling the roses or writing articles for one of her other sites which include Tidbits and Stuff, BLULOW, A Dose of Health and a few other sites/blogs scattered around the internet.

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  • jen brister October 21, 2008, 8:12 pm

    I got the same email from them a couple of days ago…oh well..maybe we’ll hear something else soon.

    jen bristers last blog post..Are We Having Fun Yet?

  • Felicia October 21, 2008, 2:12 pm

    Thanks Alyssa for the update.

  • Alyssa October 21, 2008, 2:09 pm

    I just received an email from Prevention that said they reached their limit of 100 blog writers and apologize for not getting back to those who inquired/applied; however, there may be opportunities on the horizon.

    Here’s the blurb

    ” but there will be future paid and non-paid opportunities for which we’d like to consider you. We’ll be announcing more chances to participate in the upcoming weeks. We’ll keep you posted! ”

    As I shall keep everyone here posted.

  • Charlina September 16, 2008, 11:23 am

    I agree. Prevention is great to put in your portfolio–but a place that limits the amount of money you can make doesn’t exactly say, “Come to me.”