Taking a Personal Day Off from Work

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Ring, Ring, Ring…

Employer: Hello

Hello, Ms. Employer. I’m calling to let you know I won’t be in to work today. Please put me down for a personal day.

Employer: Not coming in? Why not?

Felicia: Last night I stayed up helping my daughter pack for camp and I’ve got to drive several hours today to drop her off.

Employer: You already used up your personal days with your family, I’m sorry but if you take off today, you’ll have to come in on Christmas Eve and put in a full day

(long pause)

Employer: Hello, Felicia are you there?

Felicia: Umm.….

BUZZZZZZZZZZ!!!! (The sound of an alarm clock)

Whew! It was all a dream.

Every once in a while when working at home gets a bit tough, I wonder if I made the right decision. After all, I left the security of having a steady paycheck, to the not so secure position of going out on my own and earning money with my writing ability.

No matter the difficulties I face with my daily work at home challenges, I’m 100% sure that I made the right decision. There’s no going back so I have to make this work!

The above wasn’t all a dream. I’m off to take my daughter to camp. One of the fringe benefits of working from home!

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