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| August 13, 2008 | 1 Comment

If you write for Demand Studios, it’s in your best interest to join their Yahoo Group. I know I mentioned it in an earlier post, but it got buried somewhere.

I know first hand that the lack of communication between Demand Studios and their writers gets a bit frustrating. By joining their Yahoo group, you’ll still be frustrated by the lack of communication between Demand Studios and the writers, but at least you’ll be able to share your thoughts and findings on the Yahoo Group with other Demand Studio writers.

In addition to communicating with your fellow writers, you can read and find out about new writing opportunities for sites other than Demand Studios. For instance, by reading the Yahoo Groups I found out about They are another site looking for writers to write content. I’ve got to warn you, the pay is low. I would only use them if all of my writing gigs dried up and I was looking to make a few dollars. After all, something is better than nothing.

Sign up to become a member of the Design Studios Yahoo Group. It’s worth it.

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  1. Alina Bradford says:

    Great tip! Thanks!

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