Are you a Professional Blogger?

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What constitutes a professional blogger? Does it mean that you’ve been blogging for a number of years and are now really good at it and therefore are a professional blogger? Or, does it mean that you’ve learned the ins and outs of getting traffic to your blog so now you’re considered a professional blogger? Better yet, does it mean that you offer quality content displayed in a professional manner, thus constituting a professional blogger? Or, do you become a professional blogger when you get paid for blogging?

Define Professional

In a recent conversation with the hubby, the topic of becoming a professional came up. From his viewpoint, using athletes as a measuring stick, once you receive payment for what you do, you’re considered a professional. I remember years ago, “professional athletes” who made a living from their sport were not allowed to participate in the Olympics. Apparently, that requirement was relaxed as professional basketball players now play on Olympic teams.

Hobby or ProfessionPhoto by Braun Patro

A professional blogger, in my opinion is one who consistently posts quality content coupled with the ability to earn a reasonable income from blogging. The cross over from hobby to professional is all about the money in my book. Although I’ve earned a few shekels from blogging and I believe I have quality content, I still don’t quite consider myself a professional blogger. As much as I hate to admit it, I’ll consider myself a professional blogger when the income from my blogs can support my family. Until then, I feel it’s still a hobby.

Where do You Fit in?

What about you? How would you define professional blogging, and have you stepped across the line and entered the professional blogging realm?

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  1. 42gems says:

    I like your definition. Your husband’s analogy to athletics isn’t too accurate. Athletes don’t get $0.10 contracts; but bloggers, unless they’re sponsored, get paid in pennies which then build into actual significant monies.

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