A Little Above and A Little Beyond

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In an earlier post I mentioned that I was starting a new blog to show my readers how to earn money through Pay Per Post. The Pay Per Post requirement for a blog be accepted into their program is that the blog has to be at least 30 days old with a minimum of 10 within the 30-day period time.

A little above and a little beyond the means that I’m going to go a little above the 10 posts a little beyond 30 days. I think sometimes we set our bar a little low and then we sit around biting our nails hoping to be accepted because we managed to scrape by with the minimum requirement. I understand that everyone is in a rush to make money and to get to the next level but sometimes taking that little extra time to go above and beyond will give you peace of mind.

That being said, I won’t submit my blog to Pay Per Post for a approval until my new blog is at least 45 days old with 15 to 20 blog entries. By doing that, I won’t have to worry about being accepted. In the meanwhile, I’ll find quality affiliate programs to blog about and begin the money making process.

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