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Custom Furniture Orders

Custom Orders

What I like about having an online shop with Etsy is I don’t have to spend time working on a website or drumming up business. As you know I’m not a social networker, and apparently it’s okay when you have an Etsy shop. Etsy does all the work. Currently my Etsy shop is pretty bare. [...]


Working with Milk Paint

Milk vs Latex Paint

This is another post being transferred from my ET blog.  It was written on 6/2/2014: This is a brand-new experience for me and I'm loving the journey. In working with milk paint you have to change your entire thought process. Gone are the days of fast foods, preservatives and processed foods. Oh wait a minute, that's [...]


Re-Reading an Old Post


Every once in a while I’m reminded of a post previously written here on NJFM. The post I’m referring to was originally posted on October 30, 2009. Whether you’re a freelance writer, furniture upcycler, entrepreneur or looking to take your a newly found passion to another level, this post is for you. The name of [...]


Back to the Drawing Board

Drawing Board

This post was originally written on 7/14/2014: When something doesn’t work one way, don’t toss it out. Maybe it can work another way. Here’s a dresser I bought a couple of years ago. My first goal was to paint it and sell it. So I painted it white with blue. I made a few marketing [...]


Another Lesson Learned


The following  post was originally written for ET on 6/12/20014: There are some things I learned during this furniture transformation journey that has little to do with furniture. Yesterday I learned that I need to put my personal feelings aside if I want to sell the furniture I've transformed. I have a dresser listed on [...]


I Love Happy Endings!


Yesterday we delivered a custom order to a customer. It’s such a pleasure when your work is appreciated. I listened to what the customer wanted and provided exactly that. In addition, I kept them in the loop as to my progress along the way. The end result…a very, very satisfied customer. We had a hug [...]


Customized Microwave Cart


The following post from my ET blog was originally written on 2/11/13: Thanks to Craigslist, I have my ideal customized microwave cart. Our old cart was short white and unattractive. It was something I inherited and put to use, but never really liked it much. It was functional. What I really wanted was a taller [...]


Sometimes Things Go Awry!


I’m learning so much so fast that I can barely keep up with all of my lessons. Today I learned two huge lessons: Don’t ship two items at one time with Greyhound If you do not adhere to lesson number 1, make sure you have the phone numbers of the people you’re shipping to. Last [...]


Feeling Intimidated?


This post was originally written for ET on November 12, 2012: If I allowed myself I could feel real intimidated in my furniture upcycling journey. I spent a little time roaming the internet looking at the work of the pros. Their projects and room decorating skills are just plain amazing. When I look at their [...]


The Fairy Tail Myrtle Beach Dresser

Myrtle Beach Before

This is another post transferred from the ET blog. It was originally written 7/22/14: I came across the above dresser through Craigslist. The person was tossing it out. Can you believe it? Tossing it out! It was in pretty bad shape when I got it but it had a lot of potential. The fact that [...]