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Transforming 1970’s End Table with Milk Paint

End Tables

Another post being transferred from my ET blog. It as originally written on 6/18/14: I got a hold of these two end tables for free from Craigslist.  They reminded me of the old days. They’re circa 1970 (yes, I’m old enough to remember having such furniture in my house). As you can see they were in [...]


No Time to Do it Right, but Always Time to Do It Over!

Slow Down

The latest piece furniture transformation taught me much. More than anything it taught me patience. Here’s the way it looked when I picked it up. It’s a 1970’s dresser that was in need of a face lift. The picture below was the photo from the Craigslist ad. Aside from tightening the legs, there wasn’t much [...]

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Out with the Old, In with the New

Father Time Baby New Year

I can’t help but think of Old Father Time and Baby New Year with this piece of furniture. Out with the Old I got a dresser from a guy whose mother was moving from a Senior Citizen development. His mother purchased it when she got married. I’m familiar with this type of furniture because my parents [...]


My DeWalt Sander


The following is another post being transferred from my soon to be defunct ET blog.  It was originally written on 10/19/2012. I’m like a kid in a candy shop. After several days of rain, I finally was able to get outside to do some sanding. I don’t like sanding indoors for obvious reasons. The dust. [...]


Price Increase

Price Increase

I finally had to do it. I had to raise the prices on the items in my Etsy store. It really won’t affect anyone yet. Currently all the items in my Etsy store are sold. They remain in my online store as a sample of the type of work I do. These sold items bring [...]


Several Shades of Mistakes


Quite some time ago I came across an old oak dresser for sale on Craigslist. It was in pretty rough shape, but it had good bones, so I bought it. My first mistake was not taking a picture of it in its original condition. It was obvious that the dresser just sat in a basement [...]


Momma Aint Rushin’


I know, that’s grammatically incorrect, but it adequately sums up my sentiment. I do not take rush orders. More and more custom orders are coming in. Before I agree to take on the task I ask a lot of questions. One of my questions is, “How soon do you need it?” Most folks understand that [...]


Custom Furniture Orders

Custom Orders

What I like about having an online shop with Etsy is I don’t have to spend time working on a website or drumming up business. As you know I’m not a social networker, and apparently it’s okay when you have an Etsy shop. Etsy does all the work. Currently my Etsy shop is pretty bare. [...]


Working with Milk Paint

Milk vs Latex Paint

This is another post being transferred from my ET blog.  It was written on 6/2/2014: This is a brand-new experience for me and I'm loving the journey. In working with milk paint you have to change your entire thought process. Gone are the days of fast foods, preservatives and processed foods. Oh wait a minute, that's [...]


Re-Reading an Old Post


Every once in a while I’m reminded of a post previously written here on NJFM. The post I’m referring to was originally posted on October 30, 2009. Whether you’re a freelance writer, furniture upcycler, entrepreneur or looking to take your a newly found passion to another level, this post is for you. The name of [...]